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Inflection Pixel’s Ten Titles I Loved In 2010, Part One

A Hero is born.

Welcome to 2011!  I’m looking forward to another year of working myself to within an inch of my life and playing a lot of video games to compensate!  I wish you all sorts of goofy fun for your new year.

I have two New Year’s resolutions this year: 1. play more Dance Central, and 2. write more!  I started this blog so I can keep my mind juices flowing on what I see and ponder on about video games more often, but it only works when I actually write!  With a reduced credit hour load this semester, hopefully I can start fitting that in more often.  The spring semester has also started this week, so I decided to fit this in with my first burst of productivity for 2011.

To start off, I want to do a wide sweep of ten of my favorite things of 2010.  This is my personal list and it doesn’t approach close to exhaustive; I’m not a professional game reviewer nor do I have the time and money to play all the games I want.  I’m going to try to do two a post to get my wheels really spinning.  Here we go!…

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My name is Anthony Munar, a computer programmer in Utah. I also play a bunch of video games every now and then. I talk and think a lot about them, but I never really solidify those thoughts anywhere, and writing is something I like doing, so I thought I'd do it right here. I don't intend to be high-and-mighty authoritative about what I say and I don't really have any sort of standing in the games industry. This is just for me to muse about games when I want to.

Naming a blog these days was harder than I thought. In calculus, the inflection point on a curve is where its concavity changes between upwards and down. So, maybe, the inflection pixel is the pixel which represents something that turns my opinion around on a game, like the pixels representing a beam cannon firing in FreeSpace 2, the pixels representing a flying car wreck in Burnout, or the pixels representing my own sentry gun holding off an army in Team Fortress 2.

Using the word 'pixel' in naming something game-related seems clichéd, so sorry about that.


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