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Inflection Pixel’s Ten Titles I Loved In 2012, Part Two


That’s right: more posts about video games.  Today, we have games: IN SPACE.

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Inflection Pixel’s Ten Titles I Loved In 2012, Part One


Welcome to 2013!  This is the year that I remember that I have a WordPress blog I used to write to!  Newly energized through the new year and a new job, I hope to (yet again) write a bunch more.  I’m going to start off light by slowly trickling out what I think is my favorite games out of the ones I’ve played last year.  Like last time, this isn’t a comprehensive list of the best of all games of 2012.  I didn’t get to play all the games I wanted to play, but out of the ones I did, these are the ones I liked the most.  So, be light on me, and let’s get this show on the road.

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Inflection Pixel’s Ten Titles I Loved In 2010, Part Two

Rock history.

Welcome back!  Let’s talk some more video games, because I know all ya’ll like that.

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Grand Theft Auto 4 PC: Reliving The American Dream

Grand Theft Auto 4 PC

Steam sales did it again!

There was a “Rockstar week” of sales running all last week on Steam, and Grand Theft Auto 4 came on twice for $7.50.  The first time didn’t catch me, but after I read stories of the Friday night multiplayer battles still raging on Shacknews and watching a good number of hilarious videos care of the PC-exclusive video editor feature on the game, the second time roped my wallet in.  The big download finished when I came home late last night so I did what any guy who had his first Sunday off in around a year would do: play a video game until around 4 AM.  Now, I’ve played GTA4 to a good percent of completion on 360 already, including both of its amazing expansions (Gamerscore: 955/1500 ranging from 4/29/2008 [Release Night] to 11/10/2009 [completed story on Ballad of Gay Tony]).  Playing it again on PC seems to be scratching the same itch again and is somehow pretty satisfying again.  This isn’t a complete dressdown of GTA4 as a game, but I just want to hit on a few points about the PC version that is doing it for me.

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Osmos Review: Mo’ Money, Mote Problems


I wrote this pansy review for Osmos a few months back for a class and I thought I’d just share it here.  Osmos is a good, relaxing time (most of the time) and people should jump on Steam or Direct2Drive or whatever and give it a shot.  Please ignore the sloppy generic intro paragraph!  Enjoy:

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My name is Anthony Munar, a computer programmer in Utah. I also play a bunch of video games every now and then. I talk and think a lot about them, but I never really solidify those thoughts anywhere, and writing is something I like doing, so I thought I'd do it right here. I don't intend to be high-and-mighty authoritative about what I say and I don't really have any sort of standing in the games industry. This is just for me to muse about games when I want to.

Naming a blog these days was harder than I thought. In calculus, the inflection point on a curve is where its concavity changes between upwards and down. So, maybe, the inflection pixel is the pixel which represents something that turns my opinion around on a game, like the pixels representing a beam cannon firing in FreeSpace 2, the pixels representing a flying car wreck in Burnout, or the pixels representing my own sentry gun holding off an army in Team Fortress 2.

Using the word 'pixel' in naming something game-related seems clichéd, so sorry about that.


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